Transit Trade Partner

Transit Trade Partner

Our can use transit trade services to diversify your services in Turkey which is one of the most

powerful countries of the region on transit trade.

Transit trade means trade at transit countries for importation and exportation transactions between

two other countries. Due to its geographical position, Turkey forms a bridge between Asia and

Europe and benefits from transit trade much. Transit trade products are exempted from all kinds of

tax and duties as they do not enter Turkish customs area and they are very important for foreign

trade firms.

We offer the most effective choices on transit trade which is very complex but profitable area. We

also contribute to sustainability of your enterprise with new chances and services of our firm.

 Why is Transit Trade So Important?

Transit trade term is used widely but many people do not know this commercial activity well in the

real sense. Especially entrepreneurs have important chances because products are sold and bought

without taking them into the customs area. But it is very difficult for those who are not professional

transit traders to use these advantages. In this case, following the process with assurance of our

company avoids possible problems and increases profitability to good levels.

If you also look for a business partner who can add value to your enterprise on transit trade, you can

sign under a strong start-up with our firm. Our firm will support you in the real sense with its team

experienced especially importation, exportation and transit trade areas.

 Market Research

We search for new possibilities for firms which did not do transit trade before or which want to

widen their scope. We act as an intermediary between seller and purchasers and we use our

effective analysis tools to increase your profit. Our team balances supply and demand and works

hard to discover new areas.

 Transit Trade Legislation and Process Management

Transit trade is different from importation and exportation processes. Enterprises have to master

certain processes while using this commercial method. We give utmost importance to manage the

process successfully for enterprises which are new on transit trade. We also inform enterprises about

legislation and processes in an effective way. By this way both sides make profit and we prove

perfectness of our consultancy services.

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